Please see our How It Works section for detailed information about Registration including fees, the process, and dates. 

Question:When will registration begin/end?
Answer: Online pre-registration will begin Mid March and end Early May. Pre-registration is for entering your child’s information into the system via the FFL website pre-registration link. This is mandatory before attending the onsite registration at the high school (see calendar for location). You may attend one of the two days of onsite registration anytime between 9am to 3pm, you may come and go. Onsite registration is for football skills evaluation, jersey/equipment fittings, equipment pickup in some instances, and cheerleading uniform fitting. The football skills evaluation is mandatory for all FFL football players – returning or new.

Question: There are 2 dates listed for onsite registration. Do I have to attend both days?
Answer: No. Participants can attend 1 of the 2  days listed for onsite registration. 

Question: What age can my child start participating in the FFL and up to what age?
Answer: Participants start at age 5/Kindergarten as of September 1st and can play through 6th grade. The FFL does not accept 7th graders.

Question: If I live in another city other than Frisco, can my child participant in the FFL?
Answer: Participants must live within the City of Frisco or live within FISD to be eligible. However, if you are a non-city or non-FISD resident and would like your child to participant in the FFL, you MUST Appeal by contacting the Board for approval.

Question: Does my child's birth certificate need to be verified?
Answer: Yes, bring a copy of your child's birth certificate for the checkout volunteer to verify the date of birth (DOB). Additionally, all birth certificates need to be emailed to:

Question: Are full or partial scholarships available if I cannot afford for my child to participate?
Answer: Both. The FFL has partnered with an outside qualification service to evaluate families requesting scholarship assistance. Each family who applies for scholarship assistance are evaluated on a case by case basis. Once all scholarship requests have been evaluated, they provide a recommendation to the FFL Board of Directors as to what families get full, partial or denial of scholarship assistance based upon their independent evaluation. If awarded a full or partial scholarship, please note that this is only for the registration fee and does not include any equipment or team fees, these must be paid by the family.


Question: Can I get a refund if something should change (i.e., my son/daughter change their mind or we move)?

Answer: Yes. Please note that refunds DO NOT include any tangible items (i.e., jerseys, cheer uniform, equipment, etc.). Refunds are as follows:

  • Before the Last Day of Onsite Registration - Refund of registration fee paid, minus a $30 processing fee. 
  • After the Last Day of Onsite Registration - No Refunds. 

To Request a refund, send an email to the VP of Team Support

Question: If I register late or move in from out of town can I still be placed on a team?
Answer: The FFL compiles a waiting list of players that would like to play in our league, but for whatever reason have missed registration. These players are placed on teams based on number of players participating. For example, if there are 10 teams and 9 of those teams have 19 players and 1 team has 18 players we would have 1 spot available for a waiting list player. Waiting list players are not guaranteed spots on rosters until they are assigned by the Board. The waiting list is first come first serve and will be closed prior to the completion of the 1st game of the season.


Question: Outside of the registration Fee, are there any additional fees that may occur before or once the season begins?
Answer: Yes. For each child participating on a given team, Coaches will collect team fees to assist with various supplies or equipment expenses: 

  • $100 FLAG Football
  • $150 TACKLE Football
  • $150 Cheer

Each team is encouraged to establish a budget at the beginning of the season to ensure that excessive spending does not occur. Not included in the spending limits are snacks, team parties or fundraising. Any FFL fundraising done by the league is not mandatory. Items that may be included in the team budget are:

  • Game pants and socks
  • Helmet decals
  • Training Equipment
  • Award stickers
  • Shoes, turtlenecks, cheer bags/buckets
  • Run-through banners/spirit item materials
  • Megaphones
  • Cheer/Football gift exchange items
  • Other team-related items


Question: Does the FFL register players by age or grade? Is there an appeal process?
Answer: The FFL registers players by age and uses a cutoff date of Sept. 1. In the event that parents want their son or daughter to play by grade, the parents may appeal to play according to grade. Click Here for the Appeals Process. If no appeal request is on record, then the player will be placed according to their age as of Sept 1. Note: If a player has played in the FFL and has played by grade level previously, parent MUST notify the President that the player will still be playing on grade level, otherwise child will be placed according to their age.

Question: FOOTBALL -- Since I registered online, does my son have to attend Combine (skills evaluation) and equipment fitting?
Answer:Yes, all registrants (NEW AND RETURNING) are required to complete the Combine (skills evaluation) and equipment fitting every year. Registration is not complete until these items are completed.  

Question: My child does NOT want to return to his/her former team/cheer squad, what are our choices? Can my child pick a different team/squad to play on for the upcoming season?
Answer: Participants who do not wish to return to their previous team/squad are placed in the draft pool. Players/Parents may NOT choose who they will play for in the upcoming season. 

Question: Why is there a difference in price between football and cheer?
Answer: The cheer uniform is more expensive, cheerleaders also attend a cheer camp. 

Question: CHEER -- Are cheer shoes included in the initial cost of registration/uniforms?
Answer: Yes.

Question: CHEER -- Can my daughter register for a different squad than she was on last year?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What should my child wear to registration for fittings?
Answer: CHEERLEADERS -- wear bathings suits under clothing. FOOTBALL PLAYERS -- comfortable clothes, bring cleats for the skills evaluation process, but note that cleats are not required. 

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