Erin Hudson
Oversees the Board and the FFL

Eric Reed
VP of Football
Assists the President in overseeing all aspects of the Football program and assumes responsibilities of President in his/her absence.

Jeff Howell
VP of Operations
Manages & oversees the Registration Process, Creates the game schedules, Manages League-wide communications, assistance to team managers/coaches, coordinates team sponsorships and FFL Scholarships.

Sabrina Ramsey
Operations Assistant
Assistant to Jeff. Assists with the Registration Process, team manager/coaches and all FFL Scholarships. Editor of the yearbook.

Jamey McCurry
Financial officer

Chris McCoy
Records the activities of the Board and maintains the league’s historic information. Serves as the Grievance Coordinator.

Cassy Paredes
PR Director
Manages the relationships between the FFL and the league partners. Manages the FFL Website and Social Media components, and producing the Season Yearbook.

Tony Ortiz
Tackle Director
Manages the Tackle football program. Responsible for the training and certification of football coaches.

Tim Cagney
Flag Football Director
Manages the flag football program. Responsible for the training and certification of football coaches.

Adam Byrd
Safety Director

Manages the Coaches Clinic and safety procedures are met.

Rob Flannagan
Merchandise Director
Manages all aspects of FFL merchandise and equipment.

Emilie Mundy
VP of Cheer
Oversees all aspects of cheer.

Emilie is seeking a replacement for the 2025 season. If you are interested in applying for this position, please email Emilie. 

Summer Coutts
Cheer Coach Director
Oversees the cheer coaches. Responsible for training and certification of cheer coaches.

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